What is Human Growth Hormone or HGH?

HGH is a 191 branch chain amino acid that is naturally produced by our bodies to help our grow, but also is responsible for cell reproduction, cell regeneration, muscle growth and many more functions. Recombinant HGH can be used to improve the way your body functions and essentially slow down the aging process if not turn back the hands of time. Human growth hormone can be used by individuals who are seeking anti-aging benefits, improvement in athletic performance, increase muscle strength and size, burn excess body fat and more. HGH has been used by doctors for treatments of turner syndrome, renal failure, short stature and also adult growth hormone deficiency.

HGH Usage

The time period in which you take HGH is specific to each person, and each situation. It is important to understand what happens to the body when you top taking it and what the body is capable of doing. Your pituitary gland can become lazy; your Hypothalamus gland notices that it doesn't have work as hard anymore. Once you stop taking HGH, your body does not necessarily have the ability to pick up where it left off. You can potentially create a dependency or a negative feedback on it rather than your body naturally producing what it was when you started your therapy. There is always a possibility that you could have negative reaction to HGH. With any supplements or medications, there are always risks. One risk is that there is the possibility of you taking a excessive amount of it. If you take too much HGH, it could result in certain medical problems. Think of it this way, if you take 10x the dosage, you could get 10x the benefits, but you could also get 10x the negative side effects. That is the beauty of using peptides over just HGH. With peptides, you can't overstimulate anything; Your body produces only what it is capable of.

Low Levels of HGH cause

  • Low levels of HGH cause Reduced sex drive
  • abnormal storage of fat
  • low energy
  • reduced strength
  • reduced muscle
  • reduced exercise tolerance
  • increased time of healing
  • weight gain
  • increased feeling of anxiety, depression, sadness
  • thin dry skin
  • increase in total cholesterol
  • reduced bone density and osteoporosis

Benefits of HGH

  • increased muscle strength
  • accelerated rate of healing
  • improvement in weight loss
  • increase done density
  • reduction to cardiovascular disease
  • improved sexual function
  • improve cognitive fuction and mood
  • improve sleep
  • and more

Causes of Low HGH levels

  • Aging
  • Brain Tumors
  • Infections
  • Surgery
  • Radiation to the head

Abuse of taking too much HGH

  • Acromegaly- Using too much HGH for too long can cause bones to grow that shouldn't continue to grow such as in brow bone and jaw line.
  • Self-inflicted diabetes. If body feels that insulin is too high pancreas shuts down and you can become diabetic.
  • Create hypothyroidism. Thyroid can shut down because metabolism is working without you.
  • Organ growth. Too big of a heart (muscles pump too hard and too fast)
  • Joint Pain and discomfort (carpel tunnel syndrome)