"How long can I use peptides for?"
This is a very common question because it is important to never overdo or overuse a medication. However, peptides are a little different because they signal the body to make what it already has and if it is not replacing anything, then it is not possible to “over do it.”
Peptides stimulating the pituitary gland to want to produce more. It is in a rhythmic cycle. Once one comes off, they can produce more. Peptides train the pituitary gland to produce more than it is used to. They are used as long as the benefits are seen. Peptides, unlike medications, do not have negative side effects when someone stops taking it. An individual can even go from one peptide to another to target another area of concern. Some benefits are anti-aging, gaining muscle mass, faster recovery, and weight loss. One can keep taking them as long as the benefits are seen. There is a lesser risk of using peptides than HGH and we encourage our clients to be open and honest about their journey and let us know if there is anything else we can to do get them feeling their very best.