What are HGH/Peptides?
HGH/Peptides are a type of medications that is designed to help increasewhat our body is already producing. This is not a replacement, but a stimulating hormone designed to help the body trigger a specific hormone production. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) helps to maintain, build, and repair healthy tissue in your body. If the goal is to gain muscle, lose weight, or even regain focus in everyday life, there are HGH/peptides for that.  As we age, our body does not create enough of certain hormones that can give us the results we desire. With HGH/peptides they allow our body to create more of what it has already been making and can target specific areas.

What are Peptides?
Peptides are a small package within the big package (HGH) that are there to help us get what we need. Bigger muscles? Burn more fat? Nicer skin? There’s a peptide for that! Peptides are small proteins made up of less than 50 amino acids. Peptides are made up of a much smaller amino strand than HGH. Since they are smaller, they have a more focused and specific job. Peptides do not affect other hormones that are not desired to be changed. If an individual is looking to gain muscle, they do not have to worry about it affecting other aspects of the body.

Imagine throwing a bullseye with a dart every single time. The accuracy and precision of each peptide can be helpful while going through this process. The goal of using peptides would be to get an individual feeling like their best self and providing a better quality of life. If the goal is to gain weight, lose weight, have a better sex life, or have more radiant skin, there are peptides designed to improve specifically that!

At the end of the day, it is all about how each person feels. With the help of our doctors and a specific plan, we can help each patient to start feeling better than they ever have!

How do Peptides work?
Peptides have been designed to stimulate specific receptors for growth hormone so the therapy can be tailored for specific goals and results. Some benefits of peptides are, muscle gain, weight loss, faster recovery, reduction of inflammation, and they have also become the forefront treatment for many disorders. Before understanding how the peptides effect the body, it is important to know what the body is currently going through and what needs to happen to successfully overcome the deficiencies with peptides.

The pituitary gland sends a message to the liver. IGF-1 comes out of the liver and goes into the body, which helps with aging, muscle tone, etc. The signal from the pituitary gland weakens as we become older. The pituitary gland produces less and less hormones as we get older; because our body stops telling it to.

Our brain (specifically the hypothalamus) does an assessment of the body and realizes we don’t have enough HGH. Peptides knock on the pituitary gland and tells it or triggers it into producing more.

Peptides allow the body to produce what it already has the capabilities of producing but in a larger quantity. The use of peptides allows individuals to overcome any deficiencies that they are dealing with and can give them the confidence they have always strived for. There are so many benefits to using peptides and we want to encourage and educate that our staff can put together an optimized plan for individuals so that we can help them live the best life imaginable.