Some may wonder, why does everyone get the same test when they come in? Blood serum testosterone tests are much more important than just checking for testosterone. We look at everything with it. We look at metabolic panels, prostate, prolactin, growth hormones, thyroid hormones and more. The reason that we do this is, so we can see the whole picture. We want to get an understanding of the patient's overall health so that if there is an issue, we can see where it is coming from.

Imagine that the body works like a wheel. If one side of the wheel is flat, it will not spin correctly. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as simply inflating one side to make the body feel better. Therefore taking testosterone will help with certain aspects but if there is another cause or issue for certain symptoms such as the thyroid, then the results will not be what the patient was hoping for. In order to achieve the goal of feeling ones best, it is important to find out everything that is going on within the body.

All of the occurring issues that are going on must be addressed. We want to make sure that any deficiency that may be experienced is getting fixed. Most testosterone clinics will just look at specific hormone levels. We believe in getting each patient to a place where they feel their absolute best. In order to do that, the blood serum tests are very important to look at all aspects of the body and figure out how everything is working. We do very extensive blood work to ensure that we can optimize the therapy plans.