Turning thirty is a moment that we all remember. Moving forward from the twenties and looking ahead to the years to come, they may include a few more changes than people are aware of! About five million American men have a testosterone deficiency. Age is directly correlated with testosterone and estrogen in men. As the age increases, testosterone levels decrease and estrogen levels increase. The opposite goes for women, their estrogen levels lower as age increases, and testosterone levels increase.

Have you ever noticed a woman between the ages of 60-80 may begin to have masculine features? Maybe they are developing some facial hair on their upper lip, or maybe their voice has gotten a little deeper than when they were younger. This is a result as a natural hormonal imbalance that is associated with age. Their testosterone levels have been increasing as their estrogen levels decrease.

Men, might notice some people they know with fat developing in their breasts? Maybe they are more in love with their wife then they ever have been, but they are struggling with the sexual desire they use to have. How about men that have lost their hair? These characteristics seem to be normal for men that are older. Their estrogen levels get higher with their age and the testosterone levels get lower.

A testosterone replacement therapy may be an option no matter what age! Even men who are seventy-five can use testosterone therapy. They still want to look and feel like the man that exsisted in the mirror fourty years ago. Don’t let age be a deterrent from giving us a call. Schedule an appointment for a thorough assessment and consultation to see if hormone replacement therapy is a good option!