If the question is "can being overweight can cause low testosterone?", the answer is YES! What a lot of men misunderstand is that their low testosterone causes them to become overweight but actually the extra pounds are usually what causes their hormones to shift. When men become overweight it can increase the amount of estrogen and decrease the amount of testosterone produced. This can severely disrupt the creation of testosterone in the body and then affect different aspects of the hormones within it. 

Being overweight can affect the function of the testicles as well. Creating hypogonadism, testicles are not able to produce enough testosterone that the body requires in order for humans to feel their best.

Changes always occur in the human body as it ages, it is inevitable. One of these changes being more fat forms around the stomach and breast area. As the testosterone levels drop and the estrogen levels increase, it can cause unpleasant physical results. We can help to create a hormone replacement therapy that works to get people feeling better and losing some of those unwanted pounds. It is also important to exercise (which can not only help with obesity, but get your testosterone producing more as well) and we will explain a course of action that needs to be taken in order for you to get where you want to be.