What so many young men do not realize is that actions taken now, can greatly affect them later in life. For example, the decision to not to wear a cup while participating in sports and injuries that can naturally happen to the area without that protection is harmful. Also if participating in martial arts and get kicked in the testicles more than once is harmful as well. These types of injuries can play a serious role in testosterone levels later in life.

When damage is done to normally developed testicles, it can cause hypogonadism. Hypogonadism refers to when the testicles are not producing the normal amount of testosterone that the body needs. When this happens, individuals can experience things like erectile dysfunction, lack of body hair, and even infertility.

It is very crucial that when it can be controlled, please make sure to avoid injuries. But, there are always situations and injuries that happen that cannot be controlled or prevented. When these things happen, please know that we are here to help find a solution.

With proper blood tests and hormone replacement therapy, we can figure out the levels of hormones in each individual and find the personalized options. If you have questions about hormones or testosterone levels, please give us a call and we can set up a fully comprehensive test and get people feeling their very best.