Testosterone boosters work in a way similar to weight loss supplements that help to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. Another example is they also work ike supplements that claim to help muscle gain in a short period of time. Testosterone boosters are often explained as a quick and effective way to boost testosterone for building muscle. Many men may have normal levels of testosterone but wish to take testosterone boosters to provide that extra edge in the gym. Our bodies are smarter than we think and will adjust to the boosters. With good levels of testosterone and the addition of boosters, essentially the body will replace the method of generating testosterone and can make testicles dormit which eventually could become permanent. 

Testosterone boosters are supplements that are consumed orally. Due to the fact that they are labeled as supplements, the FDA does not regulate them which causes a wide range of quality and ingredients. Yes, increased testosterone will help to build muscle but our bodies can only make so much testosterone. Imagine a man that has a good level of testosterone who is now taking testosterone boosters; now the levels may become too high which can lead to dangerous side effects. It is recommended to not allow testosterone levels to be too low or too high. Our objective is to help men maintain a balanced hormone level and boosters are inconsistent.