Did you know that symptoms of low testosterone can look like depression? People can have mood swings, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and major irritability. When a man is going through physical deficiencies, it can take a serious emotional toll. A lot of people start to feel tired, moody, or notice physical changes, but excuse it as being stressed or because of age; but what if it was possible to get back to feeling 10 or even 20 years younger again?

Men with low testosterone are significantly more likely to have depression at some point within the lifetime. As men finds themselves with lowered sex drive, hair and muscle loss, and constant irritability, it can throw spiral into a real depression.  A serious emotional toll can be caused by feeling off and secluding oneself. It is also possible that low testosterone can affect the way that hormones are regulated. This means that the body is not producing the right amount of hormones for to stay consistent.  When this happens, we suggest meeting with us and finding a solution.

We will work with each individual to find the very best kind of hormone replacement therapy that suits each individual's emotional and physical needs. We understand that pills or supplements may do the trick for people short term, but we also recongnize that they will not truely fix anything. Finding a solution and getting people back to a stable, happy place is what we aim for when people come to our clinic.