Have it ever crossed your mind that maybe holding onto those extra pounds because due to testosterone? Not everything is caused by our hormones, but what if weight could be better controlled by adjusting hormone levels with proper replacement therapy?

Most men blame weight gain on growing older or they are not as active as they once were. Low testosterone can play a major role in this as well.  Without having normal testosterone levels, it will greatly affect not only energy levels, but also metabolism as well. As most of people already know; when the metabolism slows down, muscle tone starts to decrease as well which results in these unwanted pounds.

Low testosterone means the body is not able to burn calories as quickly and the body naturally turns those calories into fat instead of muscle. It is much harder to build muscle when the levels are low, even if there is a regular workout plan and good diet. It may take something a little more to get people to their goals or where they want to be.

When meeting with us and going through symptoms and frustrations with weight gain, we can go through therapy options to get people back on track. By checking hormone levels, we are able to better assess the track that each body is on, what we can to do help lose that weight, and keep it at a heathy level in the future.