Has getting more agitated and irritated become a new issue? Do the smallest things spark anger without knowing why? Sometimes in life, things can get us upset for the strangest reasons and it may not be known why. Has it been considered that it could be the result of having low testosterone? Most men would never think that the cause of the their agitations and mood swings is a hormone issue. Why would they? With stresses of family, finances, work, life, and so many other things. It makes sense to feel stressed in life but it is also important to know oneself and recognize when it just feels like a little bit too much.

Hormone replacement therapy is a safe option to consider when dealing with extreme irritability. A lot of people get told by their general practitioner that anti-depressants or other medications are the only thing to get them back to feeling like themselves; but that is simply not true. 

Men who have low testosterone are susceptible to all sorts of mood swings and mood disorders and unfortunately, it is more common than most people think. At our clinic, we talk about what is going on, run extensive tests to find the exact root of any issue, and plan a precise therapy plan for people to get back to feeling like they want to. There is absolutely no shame or embarassment in going with this route. It it also important to understand there is no shame in having low testosterone because it is extremely common!  If symptoms such as increased irritablity, easily angry or over stressed are present...come in for a few tests and we can help to guide through the best options.