Has skipping the routine morning workouts become easier?  Notice a loss in all drive to get off of the couch and go hang out with family and friends? Before making it out to only being tired from work, or wanting to relax, assess the situation a little deeper about what it could actually be and what you are actually feeling. Has laying on that couch every day become easier to do? Are the excuses along the lines of because "you want to" or because you can’t physically or mentally bring yourself to do anything else?

Laziness MAY seem like a choice, and to some people it may be. Most people do not know is that a lack of energy and constant fatigue can be brought on by low testosterone. When hormone levels drop, so does the need or want to be active. It is a vicious circle that can be difficult to get out of once it has been started.

Low testosterone can also cause sleep deprivation in many individuals, which increases the level of laziness in men. If sleep apnea or a hormone balance is makes it difficult to get some sleep, how can the expectation of making it through each day with tons of energy and motivation be realistic? In order to avoid chugging energy drinks, consider coming in to check out hormone levels.

Hormone replacement therapy is safe, easy, and can truly change your life! Don’t let low testosterone change you as a person and crush your daily drive. Laziness is only a choice if you do not identify what is going on with your body. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.