Men that want to start a family but are struggling with getting their significant other pregnant may feel discouraged or embarrassed. Believe it or not, there is a good chance that someone close has low testosterone levels and may have a low sperm count as well. Low semen volume along with low testosterone does not decrease or affect manhood, it is simply the way the body develops and reacts to aging as well as other variables.

Low testosterone can cause low semen volume but there also may be some underlying testicular problems as well. A consultation with our staff and follow up meeting with our physician will provide thorough information and answers questions have needed to be answered for years. We may refer a urologist if we feel that further action may need to be taken. 

There are some lifestyle changes that may be able to increase fertility levels. Some actions to take include keeping genitals cool and not allowing them to be at a high temperature for long periods of time. Other actions include maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, limiting alcohol intake, avoid steroids and narcotics, get plenty of vitamin D, and exercise regularly. Exercising regularly not only can increase muscle mass, reduce stress and maintain weight, but it can also naturally build up your testosterone levels.