Has retelling stories or repeating memories become an issue lately? How about continuing to lose car keys or misplacing things? Sometimes stress of daily life can have an effect on memory. What happens when the memory loss starts to affect work, hobbies, and family? If memory problems become more prominent; do not always push it on “old age” or stress. Consider the fact that it could have a lot to do with testosterone levels.

When memory problems begin, the cause of them needs to be figured out. We suggest to come in and make an appointment with us. We have learned that low testosterone can have a negative affect not just on outer appearance, but also with brain function. If the brain is not working at the proper pace and capacity it can disturb daily life.

Testosterone is helpful in brain function, production of red blood cells, and keeping the body feeling healthy and well. When physically something feels off, mental stability and cognitive skills can be disturbed as well. It is important to look at all the facts and figure out exactly what is going on with the human body before we start putting anything into it or taking medications. 

We will do a blood serum test where we can look at all your hormone levels to better assess the best personalized therapy options.  We always recommend looking at different options to get people feeling their best.