Is falling to sleep at night becoming more difficult? Has restlessness or anxiousness become more noticeable and more likely to prevent a good night's rest? Maybe work is causing stress, maybe it is family, finances, or maybe it is something going on internally that has not made itself known yet.

Did you know that men with low testosterone are very prone to getting sleep apnea?  Sleep apnea can cause men to be extremely sleepy during the day, loud snoring, and abnormal sleep cycles. It also can go the other way, wihtout getting proper sleep, it actually affects testosterone which can continually get worse over time and cause the testosterone levels to drop.

Most people do not realize how important sleep is for the body and how it maintains a proper and healthy level of testosterone and other hormones. So, what can be done? First, figure out a better routine to get better sleep. Is there an issue with eating properly? How about hygiene? Are there distractions? Focus on these things to help to get prepared for a good night's sleep. 

If those precautions are taken and it is still difficult to get proper rest, consider coming in so we can take a look at the hormone levels. If low testosterone is the reason for not being able to relax and calm down at night, we can help figure out a proper therapy option to getting the hormones back in check and back to getting a restful night of sleep!