Are there issues with being more tired than usual? Has there been a struggle wiht concentration or memory loss? How about struggling to conceive a child? From a minor experience of feeling a little “off” to an extreme experience of being unable to have sex with a partner, low testosterone can affect so many alleys of one's life. 

People stereotype testosterone clinics as a place for body builders to come in, get shots, and keep getting bigger. We to make people aware of the fact that so many men are experiencing low testosterone levels and that they do not have to feel self-conscious about coming to our clinic. It is not about a career in body building or professional training, it is about feeling like a normal person. It is about waking up in the morning and feeling happy, refreshed, and the best version of oneself. 

We work with each individual to optimize a specific hormone therapy to get them feeling the way that they should. There are literally hundreds of medications available to go on to prevent certain medical issues. Instead, try considering that hormone therapy may be the right answer. If the feeling of possibly having low testosterone is present, we encourage people to come in and get a blood serum test done. We run a comprehensive blood panel of each person's blood to get the full picture. This allows us to work with them to get the very best results when starting their therapy and allows them to see progress along the way.

Remember, having low testosterone is not something to be ashamed of. Testosterone lowers as age increases. Everyone experiences change but some experience it more intense than others.  Allow us to help to get the correct levels back to where they should be and get you back to feeling your best.