Testosterone boosters that we use are HCG and Chlomiphene. They are medications that allows the body to produce more testosterone.

Most of the boosters that people may have already been aware of are oral supplements that can be found at a vitamin or drug store. The goal of boosters is to provide someone with a jump start for workouts to maximize results when bodybuilding or training. Most men do not take T-boosters simply to feel better from having low testosterone. We do not offer anything other than medical boosters because it is an unpredictable method that is not effective long term.

Every man is different, and every man participating in therapy needs a controlled dosage of testosterone based on how low their existing levels are. Our hormone replacement therapy programs are individually catered to each of our clients’ needs. The injections are easily controlled and go directly into the body which keeps testosterone at a healthy level for one week until the next dose is administered. Boosters are a popular and trending testosterone supplement, and if done correctly, may work. We will help to educate our clients on this possibility and work to find the very best option for their needs.