With any medical treatment, there may be risks. We strive to make sure that treatments are being administered in the absolute safest possible way to ensure the least amount of issues as possible.

We are always going to be truthful and honest with our patients and go over everything that is needed to make an educated decision about therapy based on the knowledge that we give. 

So, what are some potential risks on testosterone treatment?

There is a chance of increased blood clots when there is a change in hormones and additional blood flow. There is also a chance that skin may become oily or more oily and also develop acne.There are also doctors that suggest that it could affect the prostate (but testosterone alone does not cause bad side effects.) We hope to help guide individuals through this process in a safe and natural way with our injections and our therapy plans. 

If you are a younger man that may want to have children in the future, it is important that you understand that testosterone lowers the ability to have children.