Are you looking to boost your testosterone levels but do not know where to start?  Before resort tobuying supplements, creams, pills, or the wrong kind of injections, try talking to a professional to gain knowledge about the right path to take. People can unknowingly cause harm to the body by taking too much or too little testosterone, so it is extremely important to talk with a doctor and our skilled staff to get information on hormone levels as well as the correct dosage and medications individuals should be taking.

If visiting a supplement store, there may be chances to get testosterone supplements that claim they work great for everyone, but be aware that this is definitely not the case. There is no way to identify the body's reactions with patches, pills or creams. There is also no way to determine if there will be short term or long term affects. No two individuals are the same, and if one person has no idea where the hormone levels are at, they will not know how much to administer or how much their body needs.

Certain boosters can be very misleading and even could not be approved by the FDA. Is it worth the risk to put something in or on the body that has not even been tested and approved? Most people prefer not to. Did you know that some boosters and supplements can actually produce other hormones in the body other than testosterone?  When this happens, a result could be a myriad of other problems that were not initially there and feeling even worse than before. 

When you meet with us, we find a specific and optimized therapy plan based strictly for each individual patient. We learn about each individuals wants, needs, any deficiencies or issues, and provide a medication that not only works, but can be controlled. Our boosters (HCG and Clomid) are medications and allow the body to naturally produce more testosterone without putting faulty chemicals or supplements into your system.