Would it be surprising to find out that testosterone cream is not really a cream? Most testosterone "creams" come in the form of a gel or liquid.  This may confuse a lot of people when attempting to go this route for hormone replacement therapy. We currently do not offer testosterone cream to our clients for a few reasons. 

If too much cream is used or repetitively used in the same spot, it can have additional side effects or potentially cause an overdose. The body may not take the testosterone from the cream in the same way it would from injections. If the place it is applied on the body is not taking it in properly, or if it is taking in too much, then each body may react differently. 

If choosing to take testosterone to feel one's very best, we encourage individuals to set up a meeting with us. This allows us to go over all symptoms and help find the best ways to start personalized therapy and explain the entire process. Although the creams may seem easier, it is important to know all the facts, and the benefits to using injections.