Does it feel like everything has been attempted but the weight is still not easy to lose? Even with starting an extreme diet and jogging every single day it is still difficult to lose those extra pounds? After men turn thirty, it can seem nearly impossible to lose that weight even while everything imaginable. Consider that it may be low testosterone aiding towards the unstoppable weight gain? Most men do not realize that having low testosterone can actually be one of the causes behind the inability to lose those pounds.

Getting testosterone injections can truly help get on the right path to weight loss. As the body produces the correct amount of testosterone, muscle mass increases, while the body mass index (BMI) is typically lowered. This allows for men to not only lose weight but become more toned and muscular in the process! Who doesn’t want to feel ten years younger by easily sticking to their normal workout routine and using hormone replacement therapy? 

We want people to understand that this is not the “easy way out.” There still has to be maintained workouts and healthy eating habits but having the right amount of testosterone can definitely help along in this journey. These injections have helped, we have seen men gain back the ability to burn more calories in their workouts and cut weight significantly faster.

If you have questions on how this works, the replacement therapy process, or how we may be able to help, please give us a call and set up a meeting today! We look forward to helping you in your weight loss journey.