No one wants to be tossing and turning all night. No one wants to be restless and sleep deprived. Although there are many factors that play a role in sleep deprivation, low testosterone can affect sleep patterns. Hormone replacement therapy directly affects sleep patterns because the medication balances hormones levels which can lead to a more peaceful night of rest.

Many men that take the medicine report that they not only fall to sleep quicker, but sleep through the whole night without any restlessness. In some cases, an increase in testosterone levels can actually eliminate sleep apnea all together. This will provide better energy levels during the day and a clearer mind.

There have also been cases where testosterone medicines can increase sleep deprivation at night. It is important to report to the physician as the body adjusts. There are important things to do when struggling with poor sleep. Developing good sleep patterns will drastically improve overall sleep quality. If there is a designated 6 hours of rest per night and the mind is allowed to wind down before going to sleep, the brain will adjust, and sleep quality will improve. These good habits and balanced hormones will help improve sleep.