Testosterone injections are an effective hormone replacement therapy that we have to offer. It is a long-term solution that balances hormone levels and helps patients to feel like the best version of themselves, long-term. The injections need to be taken once a week to maintain a consistent level. If they are not taken testosterone once a week, then the patient may feel highs and lows because the body does not process the testosterone due to the wrong dosage. If the injections are taken every two weeks instead of once a week, patients will not feel like themselves during the second week because the testosterone will wear off.

We show each person how to do the injection and make sure they are comfortable with the medication. Unlike most testosterone facilities, we do not require people to come into the office once a week for injections. The medication can be shipped directly to home. Remember, too much can be just as bad as too little, so it is important to have and understand the proper dosage. Four to six months after beginning the treatment, we will ask the patient to come in for additional blood work to check all levels. We want the body to stay evenly balanced and will explain the benefits and risks during the consultation.

Testosterone injections are a regulated dosage that goes directly into the body. This is one of the reasons we prefer to offer injections when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy. The dosage is more predictable and easy to manage.