If there is the desire to get the benefits from taking testosterone, we believe people should be educated and led down the right path to do so. If attempting to bulk up, lose more weight, or just elevate the overall attitude in life; testosterone injections may be the best option.

Some people swear by the testosterone pills or troches because they are easy to take and easy to remember. However, is it worth it to take a medication that is not guaranteed to work just because it is easier? The fact that the testosterone comes in the form of a pill does not mean that is it the best and most effective way to take it. Pills can be very toxic on the liver and the speed in which it is delivered is an issue.

At our clinic we believe that anything someone puts into the body should be done the right way, with the very best results. Pills have not proven to release testosterone into the body the same way that injections do. A lot of men can abuse the pills and the steroids can harm the body much more than imaginable. We encourage people to meet with us and set up a proper therapy plan before deciding to take anything.