Symptoms usually help to provide the direction of what approach someone should take when wanting to get treatment or better health. If an individual has a scratchy throat, a runny nose, a constant cough, and sinus pressure, they may have a cold. Based on previous experiences with colds and medications that have and have not worked in the past it can be determined what medicine may work best. Doctor's are typically not needed to help cure a common cold. Sometimes there is more going on than just a common cold. Symptoms could be decieving and what was thought to be a cold is actually an ear infection or a sinus infection. The cold medicine may not help treat what was thought to be a cold; instead a person may need a doctor’s assessment and treatment.

A similar approach should be taken when dealing with the symptoms of low testosterone. People may have been treating individual symptoms such as sleep apnea or depression. Maybe attempting to take over-the-counter testosterone boosters or some thermogenic workout pills. Whether someone is self-diagnosed or a physician has prescribed some medicine for isolated symptoms, there may be a reason that the medication is not working.

If symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, difficulty getting an erection, reduced muscle mass, hair loss, and lowered sex drive are present, hormone replacement therapy may be the solution. Our thorough consultation takes place during the first appointment and our expert consultant will ask questions based on medical history, symptoms, and what testosterone boosters or treatments have been used in the past.

You may have taken testosterone in the past and it didn’t work for you. We explain the steps that are needed to take and the medications that may be received along with the dosages and how the body reacts to them.

Once the consultation is over and we get to know each individual, the patients will get testosterone levels tested through a blood serum test. The test is done at a local lab and helps us to understand what each body may be going through. We don’t just test for testosterone, but we look at all of the information that the results give us to better guide individuals to the proper treatment. Based on the results, the in-house physician will determine if hormone replacement therapy is the best option and what dosage each person will need. Our goal is for every patient to feel comfortable and taken care of throughout the entire process.