Many people think of testosterone as the hormone that turns the average man into something like the Incredible Hulk. This can happen from going to the gym and comparing oneself to other men while thinking they must have higher levels of testosterone to be lifting that heavy of weight. "How can I get muscles like that? Is my testosterone low?" These thoughts could also be present while comparing oneself to others. 

Testosterone is actually a hormone in men that does a lot more than determine physique. Although testosterone plays a role in the body’s muscle mass and the ability to burn fat, it also has an effect on mental health, masculine physical features, and sex drive. Understanding the role of testosterone in the human body is the first step to feeling great.

The Testosterone Replacement Therapy treatment that we offer is an injection or set of injections that increase testosterone levels. All of the dosages are based on each individuals’ levels. A blood serum test is how the dosage is determined. The medication can be delivered directly to our patient's home each month. The directed quantity and frequency of medication is the key to maintaining a proper hormonal balance.

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